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ITIN Applications

ITIN Applications

Many non-resident business owners need ITINs to pay personal taxes in the US, but even more want ITINS to help open bank accounts and payment processing accounts.

ITIN processing is slow and no one can help you get it faster.

Many people come to us after they have failed to get an ITIN on their own or with another provider.

An ITIN is a personal tax Identification number, it is not attached to your business like an EIN. You can get many EINs, one for each business, but you will only be assigned one ITIN. 

ITINs do expire for purposes of using them on a Form 1040-NR or other personal tax return. They do not expire for purposes of using them on information returns and with banks and payment processors. To prevent expiration for personal tax return purposes an ITIN must be used at least once every 3 years on a Form 1040-NR. Using it on a Form 1120/5472 or Form 1065 does not prevent expiration.


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