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EIN Applications

EIN Applications

Getting an EIN is essential for your business. Without it, you can’t open a bank account or get an account with a payment processor. Your LLC or corporation is useless without an EIN.

Unfortunately, getting an EIN for a US non-resident owned business is frustratingly slow unless you are lucky and one owner has a US social security number or ITIN already. In that case, it is possible to get an EIN instantly online.

For other non-residents, the only way to get an EIN is by fax or mail, and this process is not a quick one. Before COVID the process took about 6-10 days, but during COVID, the IRS got months behind and never recovered. Now, the process for getting an EIN takes about a month. Sometimes it can be three weeks, sometimes it can be six weeks. Regardless, once the application is sent, the time it takes to receive an EIN is out of our control.

There are providers that promise a faster process for obtaining EINs. Some are legitimate, and some are scams. However, even the legitimate ones are not following IRS rules for applying for an EIN. We do have clients that have used these services without a problem, and we have also had clients who have had problems that we had to help them resolve. There is no proper shortcut. If there were, we would offer the service.

Though the wait is frustrating, we strongly advise not taking a shortcut.

We have also had clients who have apply for an EIN, often through the company that set up their LLC or corporation, and they never received it. This is rare, but when it does happen, these formation companies often provide little or no support in obtaining the EIN.

We promise we will get your EIN, even if it is delayed. If we cannot, secure you an EIN, we will give you a refund, but we have never had to do that.


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