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What state should I form my LLC in as a U.S. non-resident?


For non-residents of the United States a few states are always the most popular: Wyoming Delaware New Mexico Florida The traditional favorites have been Delaware and Wyoming, with New Mexico becoming more popular in recent years. I have a strong preference for Wyoming with Delaware as the top choice for companies that are more concerned […]

Do U.S. non-resident sellers need to collect sales taxes?


Even if you are a U.S. non-resident seller you may be required to collect sales taxes in the United States. Sales taxes are the closest thing the United States has to VAT, but functions differently in that it is only charged to the end buyer. The retail seller is not technically the party paying the […]

What is the FBAR and when is it due?


The FBAR (FinCEN Form 114) is a form required of U.S persons who either own or have signature authority over foreign financial accounts, such as a foreign bank account. The form is required if at any time during the year the value of your financial accounts exceeded $10,000 in total, not $10,000 per account. The […]